Always Green Sells Granules to Eliminate Odor

Always Green Odor Eliminator GranulesNeed to do something about the garbage smell? You definitely need to try the Always Green Odor Eliminator!

Always Green Always Clean sells our own Always Green Odor Eliminator. This product is the solution for smelly trash containers, garbage dumpsters, and compactors. It consists of little granules made
from safe, natural biodegradable products with antibacterial detergents
and deodorizers.

You can definitely purchase this product from us! Product will be be purchased in bags weighing 50 lbs.

It’s easy to use: Simply place 4 to 6 oz. inside the landfill, compost container or compactor. Watch it remove the unwanted odors efficiently!

Order the Odor Eliminator! Call us at 1 877 CAN CLEAN (877 – 226 2532).