Cleaning commercial and large residential garbage cans and containers in the San Francisco Bay Area

The Problem

Cleaning garbage cans and other trash containers is a job most people avoid – even though it must be done on a regular basis. Garbage containers that are not cleaned regularly look revolting, smell horrible, attract flies and other insects, rodents, and bacteria, and spread infection and disease.

The Solution

We love to clean garbage cans! We come to your home or business on your trash collection day and – using our own custom-designed trash cleaning machines – we clean and sanitize your cans. Our process kills 99 percent of any bacteria and leaves a clean appearance and smell.

What We Do

Before and After

Leave the Dirty Job to us!

We care about the environment.

Our Always Green trash can cleaning machines are completely self-contained and protect the purity of Bay and ocean water by releasing no contaminated water into storm drains. We save water by re-using and recycling it. Our cleaning products are all biodegradable.

Who should use our services?

Our cleaning services are ideal for all commercial as well as large residential customers. We clean large facilities (minimum of 20 carts or a site with multiple large bins), cans, containers, and trash compactor containers and enclosures for homes, apartment complexes, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, etc.

We do the dirty work

Always Green takes away your worries about unsanitary garbage containers and leaves you with peace of mind, knowing that a dirty job has been successfully completed.

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