DIY and Eco-Friendly Presents Christmas

Still deciding what to give your loved ones and co-workers for Christmas? At the same time, you want to save money and generate less garbage? Always Green Always Clean has some tips to help you out.

5 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

  1. Contrast Tee – A shirt that’s made of bamboo and cotton.
  2. Zero Waste Starter Kit – for a friend who wants to start their trash free life.
  3. Bluetooth Speakers – For your co-worker that loves music.
  4. Food Waste Recycler – for your family, to ensure that there’s no wasted food in your house.
  5. Bamboo Straws – so that you or your friends won’t need to ask for plastic straws.

This Holiday Season, as you dash to the shopping mall and back looking for the perfect present for friends and loved ones please do not forget the planet we live on. Instead of producing more greenhouse gases by driving all over town, consider making some meaningful DIY presents, especially those that are environmentally friendly.

5 DIY Gift Ideas

  1. DIY Gingerbread Fudge – A yummy Christmas themed treat for anyone.
  2. DIY Fabric Covered Tree Ornaments – for a more personalized touch in anybody’s Christmas tree.
  3. Christmas Potpourri – to make any house feel and smell the Christmas vibes.
  4. Agate Coasters – can be used for any occasion.
  5. Photo Pendant – a special present that can last for a long time.

No matter how hard you try during the holidays, you usually end up with plenty of wrappers and plastic to fill your garbage cans. Please reuse and recycle what you can and dispose of the rest responsibly.

Remember that Always Green Always Clean loves to help clean garbage cans. We use our own custom-designed trash cleaning machines – we clean and sanitize your cans. Our process kills 99 percent of any bacteria and leaves a clean appearance and smell and our cleaning products are all biodegradable.

If you know of some garbage cans or dumpsters that could use our help, have the person responsible for your waste management contact us at 877-226-2532 to learn about our services.

Eco Friendly Gift Ideas