How You Can Waste Less for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner so Always Green Always Clean has some tips to reduce waste this holiday season. This is a time for exchanging gifts with family and friends. Unfortunately, we also produce more waste and garbage as a result. These tips will help you avoid or reduce your waste production this holiday.

  1. Buy Reusable items for presents such as reusable bottles, reusable straws and reusable food containers.
  2. Got some empty jars? Make it a gift container! You can make homemade jams and cookies and put them in your empty jars.
  3. Use recycled paper for wrapping your presents.
  4. Plan ahead with your food preparation. Plenty of food left? Share with neighbors or save it for later. Not edible anymore? Compost it and your plants will thank you a lot!
  5. Give gift certificates! Gift cards are great presents to your loved ones and your local stores too!

Please reuse and recycle whatever stuff or item you can and dispose of the rest responsibly.

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Always Green Always Clean - Tips to Avoid Waste This Holiday! - Present with wood, pine needles and leaves