Start the Year with Clean Garbage Cans and Containers!

Impacts of Dirty and Smelly Garbage Cans to you and your environmentHolidays are over! We bet your garbage cans and containers were full of trash. Holiday sure is fun but it leaves too much trash.

All these Holiday trash can make your garbage cans really dirty and smelly, especially if trash is kept on your cans and containers for too long. Keeping your cans and containers clean and deodorize helps you avoid diseases and helps the environment.

Learn about some of the negative effects of dirty and smelly garbage cans and containers to you and the environment below.

Impacts of Dirty and Smelly Garbage Cans

  1. Breeds Bacteria That Causes Several Diseases
    Garbage cans become a perfect breeding ground for bad bacteria if not cleaned regularly. These bacteria can cause diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, gastrointestinal and malaria skin diseases.
  2. Attracts Vermin and Insects
    Dirt and foul stench attracts vermin and insects. We commonly encounter rats, flies and cockroaches around dirty and smelly garbage cans. They pose a great risk in spreading diseases.
  3. Causes Water Contamination
    Toxic substances and chemicals washed down in a watercourse can easily pollute water on a surface level. Water pollution affects an entire ecosystem.
  4. Causes Air Pollution
    Garbage cans and containers not cleaned regularly leaves foul odor. When inhaled can cause infections and diseases.

Cleaning garbage cans and containers can expose you to some health risk, like the ones above. No need to worry, Always Green Always Clean can help you clean your trash can and containers! Leave the job to the experts.

We clean commercial and residential garbage cans and containers in the San Francisco Bay Area. We use a customized mobile can cleaning machine developed by Michael Biagini at BWRS. It saves water, uses safe and natural cleaning products. And it leaves your garbage cans clean and deodorized.

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