Your home is your family’s safe haven and a cozy place for you to rest and enjoy the company of your family and friends… until the aftermath of your party. Parties are commonly celebrated at home to enjoy the long weekend with the company of friends and neighbors. We’re here to give you a few tips to make your house spic and span again!

House Cleaning Tips

  1. Keep Calm – After waking up to a huge mess, having a messy mood won’t help either. Turn on a relaxing music and start to work.
  2. Greasy Kitchen – After cooking in your kitchen, greasy pots and pans will greet you along with greasy dishes. If you find your plates or pans difficult to wash soak them first in soapy hot water then try to wash them again. Clean your kitchen floor from spills that might cause molds.
  3. Living Room and Dining Room – Open your windows first, put things in their right place and vacuum your carpet. Check if there are possible stains in your pillowcase, curtains, carpet or sofa and remove it immediately before it starts to set. Mop the floors and use a disinfectant to stop bacteria from spreading.
After Party House Cleaning Tips

After you’re done with house cleaning your trash bins surely had piled up and gives off a foul smell with bacteria in it. Always Green Odor Eliminator is here to help you out! Simply place 4 to 6 oz in your compost container or compactor and it’s guaranteed safe, natural biodegradable products in our antibacterial detergents and deodorizers. Contact us at 1 877 CAN CLEAN (877 – 226 2532) for your inquiries.

House Cleaning Tips with Odor Eliminator