Avoid Waste on Love Day!

Valentine’s Day’s almost here Always Green Always Clean has Eco-Friendly gift ideas and tips for you to avoid more waste this coming Love Day.

  1. COUPON BOOKS – Does your loved one loves collecting coupons? This will make a perfect gift! Not only will it help you and your valentine save you money but it also helps you save the environment by decreasing the use of plastic.
  2. BAKE COOKIES – if you love to bake, this is the perfect present to give your loved ones. You can also bake mini cakes or personalized cakes.
  3. PICNIC AND MOVIES – set up a picnic in his/her backyard with a movie projector. You can use reusable decors to decorate your ideal picnic spot. Don’t ruin your picnic date with a smelly bin! Don’t forget to use our Odor eliminator to remove any unwanted smell in your outdoor bins.
  4. BATH SALTS – After a tiring day, your partner will definitely relax and love this especially if you made it yourself. Here’s a simple homemade bath salt you can easily follow.

Got unwanted presents from admirers? Here’s how you can recycle them!

Our Valentine’s Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas and Tips will show some love to Mother Earth this Love Day too. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Always Green Always Clean - Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas and Tips This Valentine's Day - Heart Book