Choose to Recycle Everyday!

Benefits of RecyclingWe celebrate America Recycles Day is annually every November 15. It is a nationally recognized day dedicated to encourage Americans to recycle and buy recycled products.

Recycling is the process of collecting and “sorting” readily recycling that would be thrown away in the garbage or landfill. The recycling is processed so it can be turned into new products.

Here are some benefits of recycling:

  • Recycling Saves Resources

Recycling helps save our natural resources like coal, oil and gas. By choosing to recycle we can avoid the consumption of raw materials as well as the need to produce new products.

  • Recycling Helps Protect The Environment

Recycling helps prevent more damage to our environment. It does not only preserve natural resources because also help protects our ecosystem and every living organism that depends on it.

  • Recycling Helps Save Energy

Recycling products less use energy compared to creating new product. We can recycle many products like paper, plastic, glass and metal.

  • Recycling Reduces Landfill Waste

Lanfill causes air, soil and water pollution. Decomposting materials release methane gas. Consequently, the air sorrrounding a lanfill area oftentimes smell unpleasant.

In addition, highly toxic chemicals and substances seep through groundwater causing its water contamination. It also affects soil quality near landfill areas. Recycling helps decrease these pollution that poses treath to our environment and own health.

  • Recycling Reduces Incineration

The process of incineration generates carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. It also produce acid gases, carcinogen dioxin, particulates, heavy metals, and nitrogen oxide.

And the ash that remains contains a number of poisons and heavy metals. Therefore, if we choose to recycle we lessen the possibility of incineration.

We can help protect the environment, conserve natural resources and save energy through recycling. We can also reduce landfil sites and incineration to prevent further damages to our Environment. Recycling is a long term solution for a longer sustainable life on Earth.

Make a difference for our environment and choose to recycle! Always Green Always Clean also offers Commingled Recycling Program. If you have questions about recycling call us at 415 990 4428 or contact us online.